Please read our sales terms and condition carefully.
All sales agreement related to GLM( GULF LINE MOTORS FZE ) are being issued with sales condition page which all customers required to sign on it .
1. The buyer must make the full payment of the sales  agreement within maximum  period of 10 working days, in case of any delays of making the payment,the seller shall be notified and has the right to:
1.1 cancelled this agreement in case of not agreed to extend the payment period.
1.2 change the price based on the new market price .
2. 2. An advance payment must be paid after signing the agreement. The advance payment must be minimum of 5% of total agreement price or as the both parties agreed. The paid advance payment (5%of total agreement amount ) is not refundable in case of cancellation.
3.The buyer has the right to receive the car/s in good condition with the details mentioned in this agreement. The minimum delivery time is within 5 working days.
4.Incase the buyer changed the export details , after the agreement is signed ,(if any charges applied/found) all charges must be paid by the buyer within 24 hours .
5. The buyer must check the agreement details carefully (include export details and all other information )before signing the agreement . after signing the agreement both parties confirmed their liabilities and rights .
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